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Human Restart

Human Restart Europan Board Team with CEO YOUSEF ALANZAN فريق هيومان رستارت البورد الأوروبي مع الرئيس التنفيذي يوسف اليوسف

In 2013, events in the Middle East and the Arab world grew up. There were many associations and relief organizations. Everyone was struggling to secure the basic needs of the lives of displaced people and refugees. There was an important aspect that was forgotten at that time, which was the educational relief for millions of children and young people who were deprived of their schools and universities. A group of activists, scientists, and researchers in the humanitarian, administrative and legal sectors noticed the need to combat the scientific blackout of our people. Also, they focused on the need to start an educational relief for all aged and social groups. After a lot of research, we have developed our plan to educate children, develop the qualifications of young people and improve the skills of adults. Thus, our journey was launched in 2013 to meet the community’s needs with the aim of developing and evolving it. Until the significant official and private entities demanded us to implement specialized professional programs for the leaders and workers of society in all vital fields. In 2014, we have been granted official licenses. Since that, we have evolved to be a high-level and professionally accredited international educational entity, operating by the regulations and laws of the United Nations. Our head office places in the European Union. We also have centers and locations in many countries of the world. Our educational and training programs are framed by the laws and standards of quality of education in the European Union. Recently, we launched the distance education system, online education.

Our Goal

Spread modern science, develop both individual and collective skills, and promotion of research. Also, developing community through scientific meetings, training programs, seminars, cultural lectures, conferences, and scientific, economic, and social forums.

Our Vision

A strong, integrated, developed community that has the latest science and knowledge. Its members achieve the highest quality in production and optimal creativity in work.