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Human Restart 

Human Restart European Board of Science and Development

In 2013, events in the Middle East and the Arab world grew up. There were many associations and relief organizations. Everyone was struggling to secure the basic needs of the lives of displaced people and refugees. There was an important aspect that was forgotten at that time, which was the educational relief for millions of children and young people who were deprived of their schools and universities. A group of activists, scientists, and researchers in the humanitarian, administrative and legal sectors noticed the need to combat the scientific blackout of our people. Also, they focused on the need to start an educational relief for all aged and social groups. After a lot of research, we have developed our plan to educate children, develop the qualifications of young people and improve the skills of adults. Thus, our journey was launched in 2013 to meet the community’s needs with the aim of developing and evolving it. Until the significant official and private entities demanded us to implement specialized professional programs for the leaders and workers of society in all vital fields. In 2014, we have been granted official licenses. Since that, we have evolved to be a high-level and professionally accredited international educational entity, operating by the regulations and laws of the United Nations. Our head office places in the European Union. We also have centers and locations in many countries of the world. Our educational and training programs are framed by the laws and standards of quality of education in the European Union. Recently, we launched the distance education system, online education.

Human Restart European Board Un

Registered in the United Nations

 is registered in the United Nations ECOSOC . It is the Council that is responsible for the social, cultural, and economic development of countries. it aspires to obtain consultative status in the Council. more

Human Restart European Board Europäische Einheit für Bildungsqualität

European Unit for Quality of Education

According to the high standards of education that we follow at the European Academy of Sciences and Development. We have been accredited by the European Unit for Quality of Education after examining and conforming to its standards and conditions. more

Human Restart European Board Germany

Accredited and Supported by the Government

Due to the high professionalism and special achievements in the field of education, community development, and individual development for more than 7 years. Our programs have been approved and supported by the German government . more

Human Restart Europan Board Team with CEO YOUSEF ALANZAN فريق هيومان رستارت البورد الأوروبي مع الرئيس التنفيذي يوسف اليوسف

Our team

consists of 106 people in total, distributed among the main teams and volunteer teams. The team includes 30 nationalities. Each team consists of 6 to 9 members that are spread across several countries around the world. Plus, a group of founders, experts, and international specialists in the administrative, humanitarian and legal fields. Since 2013, new members of trainees and former beneficiaries of our programs and services join our family annually. We are proud to keep evolving and going through the efforts of wonderful people who work hard to achieve our goals.

European Board of Science and Development

Our Vision

A strong, integrated, developed community that has the latest science and knowledge. Its members achieve the highest quality in production and optimal creativity in work.

Our Goal

Spread modern science, develop both individual and collective skills, and promotion of research. Also, developing community through scientific meetings, training programs, seminars, cultural lectures, conferences, and scientific, economic, and social forums.

and participants
of experience

international training programs organized by Zentrum für Qualitätsentwicklung in Lehre und Studium in collaboration with international entities, including the University of Potsdam in Germany.

Since 2022, Human Restart has been coordinating with the Higher Education Development Center at the University of Potsdam, along with its experts Mr. Frank nidermaier and Mr. Marcel fass, on a project and program for the development of higher education for Arab universities. Following this, a joint delegation from Human Restart, including Mr. Marcel Vass, attended meetings in Tunisia and subsequent meetings with the team from the Higher Education Development Center at the University of Potsdam. These meetings advanced the higher education development program for universities. In this program, university staff are trained in a set of key skills that contribute to the development of higher education standards and their global ranking. For more information about this project and to apply for joining the more than ten Arab universities that have expressed their interest in benefiting from this international program, we welcome your contact with us.

Past conferences

مؤتمر هيومان ريستارت الدولي السادس في جامعة بوخوم - ألمانيا حول معايير الجودة  الأوروبية في التعليم Human Restart European Board

Report of the Conference on European Quality Standards in Education held by Human Restart at the University of Bochum in Germany 2022

On Saturday and Sunday, the 7th-8 th /5/2022, the Conference on European Quality Standards in Higher Education held by the Human Restart organization, was held at the Conference Center at the University of Bochum, Germany. It was held in cooperation with many European entities. With the participation of a number of European education quality experts, and the presence of 80 participants from 14 countries…

Conference on the Importance of Education and Training in the Continuous Development of Societies Within the plan of Human Restart – European Board of Science and Development of Science, a conference entitled “The importance of spreading science and developing staff in the development of societies” was held in Iraq with high-level participation. VIPs from government agencies in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and many officials of official departments, organizations, entities, and unions participated. The conference was opened by Mr. Yousef Al-Yousef, “the General Supervisor of the Organization” with an introductory speech about the Organization, its objectives, duties, plans, and its general grant for training and development. Iraqi Foreign Minister, Heshyar Zebari praised the role of Human Restart and the importance of its work in developing cards, improving the skills of individuals, and the importance of continuing these events. In a speech by the former Assistant of the Foreign Minister of Egypt and the Head of the Arab League Mission to Iraq, Mr. Hani Khalaf. He praised the Organization, its work in the educational and training content provided to the participants, and the important value received by the participants. Among the guests at the conference were the UAE Consul General and the Egyptian Consul General. The Palestinian Consul General praised the efforts of the Organization, especially in the field of international law and diplomatic relations. The audience then listened to a speech by the President of the Women’s Union, Shirin Amedi. She thanked Human Restart for the truth of the organization’s slogan (the meeting of elites). She talked about the role of women in the development of societies and the importance of developing their skills.

The Second International Conference on Modern Trends in Training and Education ``Management System of Educational Institutions in accordance with the International Standard ISO 21001:2018`` National Training and Education Council

The conference reviewed the latest international standards for the management system of educational institutions recently issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the international standard ISO 21001:2018. The organization considered it a standard for the quality of management of educational institutions. The main concepts, items, and requirements of this standard were presented and discussed. During the conference, many ideas and views were exchanged on how to benefit from it.

Die internationale Konferenz der modernen Trends in Ausbildung und Bildung mit dem Titel "Management-System Human Restart European Board

“The Importance of Administrative Development in the Development of Societies” Conference,

held by the #Human_Restart_Organization at the #University_of_Duhok Cultural Center. A selection of governmental, official, and social figures, were present. The members of the Parliament, the delegation of the Presidency of the Provincial Council, the Deputy Governor, the Mayor, the district director of Duhok, the mayor of Somel, the General Director of Education, many managers of general entities, working organizations, and a representative of the University of Dohuk “the Cultural Center” participated in the conference. the participants ensured the importance of the #Human Restart organization work, and its role in the development of cadres for the development of society. The General Administrator presented certificates of appreciation and the shield of honor to the county of Duhok. It was received by the Deputy Governor of Duhok Mr. Ismail Mohammed Ahmed. With the shield of honor to the University of Duhok and the Cultural Center, too.

Paris Conferences By support of Human Restart, the European Board of Science and Development. A conference “For a Better Future” held in Paris with the participation of 20 leaders of international organizations, members of the United Nations, human rights activists and education specialists. Representatives from 8 European and Arab countries attended, too. The UN Observer and Head of Mission of the League of Arab States, the previous General secretary of Human Restart, discussed the reality of Arab societies, their rights, freedom and democracy in it. Plus, they talked about the importance of developing education, ways of development, improvement and dissemination of science and knowledge. They showed how to transform the Middle East into a developed society that the individual enjoys full rights in education, life, and reaches a high-quality production level.